Sunday, December 16, 2007

Using Workforce Development for change

I was originally 'blown away' by the "Google and the Wisdom of Clouds" article because of Google's 'cloud' concept of storing and accessing information - however - the real 'gem' of this story is the fact that Christophe Bisciglia, a 27-year-old senior software engineer at Google, was able to use advanced training with new recruits to radically create a new strategic approach to the way Google provides information.

Bisciglia used his "20% time, the allotment Googlers have for independent projects, to launch a course. .... Google 101. .... (which) eventually lead to an ambitious partnership with IBM (IBM), announced in October, to plug universities around the world into Google-like computing clouds."

So how can we tap into the concept of developing VET staff so they are able to create a training environment which reflects the needs of the 21st Century?

We have a lot to learn from Christophe (

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