Friday, July 4, 2008

Notes from the Conference on Excellence in Teaching and Scholarship - 04/07/08

University of AdelaideSchool of Education

Closing the gap in the Education Revolution

Professor Roger Thomas
Centre for Indigenous Research & Studies

What do we need to do in education to make a ‘shift and change’ in engaging the disengaged?

How do we support people who are not connected to an educational institution to reconnect with education and life long learning?

Issues related to Indigenous Education and technology in education have similar parallels and issues.

Cross Disciplinary Learning in New Learning Spaces

Stephen Inglis & Anne Harvey - FutureSACE

Examples of Flexible Learning offered in the South Australian Certificate in Education (SACE)

Extension Studies – research study – design their own studies – extended learning initiatives – Self directed Community Learning:
Value preferred ways of learning, student initiated and self directed learning, fosters independent and collaborative learning, students able to investigate an area of personal interest or pursue a passion, deep learning or cross disciplinary, involves a teacher, a community mentor and the student.

Step up Community Learning
Accrediting / Recognising community learning of students as a part of their SACE

Cross-disciplinary studies to be offered Future SACE

The Investigational Practicals

Peter Geelen – Booleroo Centre District School

Facilitated approach to maths and science lessons based around 14 ‘investigational practicals’ which are cheap and easy to set up and maintain.

The Successful Teacher – Educator and/or Entertainer

Tom Stone – Trinity College Senior

Recognises the need to entertain as well as empathise with learners
Relating to the learner and relating the content to the learner is very important
Golden rules for effective teaching : Respect, relevance, feedback, entertainment, enthusiasm, engage
‘When a teacher sits down – a student lies down’
“Only the mediocre are always at their best”

Why do students remain engaged at Windsor Gardens Vocational College?

Laura Luongo – Windsor Gardens Vocational College

Offering a refreshing approach to Secondary Education which is reflecting 21st century approach to learning – offering ‘university’ and ‘vocational’ pathways

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