Friday, October 3, 2008

Notes from AUSTAFE 08 Conference – 3/10/08

einventing the Present to Create the FutureLouise Palmer, Deputy Vice Chancellor (TAFE), Swinburne University

Successful organisations are those who get to the future first
You need to learn to ride the wave of change.

Gary Hamell – influential business thinker.

Resilience thinking model to respond to rapid change – we can not be too busy to be working with change.

The heart of resilience – embracing change.

Things change and to ignore or resist this change is to increase our vulnerability and forego emerging opportunities in so doing, we limit our options.

Building an organisation as nimble as change itself:
- making innovation a part of everyone’s job & person specs/performance reviews
- creating an ideas gateway – peer reviewed – then scoped
- creating an organisation where everyone gives their best
- Creating a highly engaging work environment
- Escaping the shackles

See different, be different – for the new world order

What stories are being told about your organisation by your staff – Are they positive? Negative?

Ken Robinson – if you want to innovate you need to be able to create – if you want to create you need to be able to dream – so we need to teach people to dream – do schools kill creativity in children?

Attitudes to Change – are similar to the attitudes to diversity – there are those who are saying “what we can do”: ‘I’m doing it’, ‘I’m ready’ – need ‘help’ to respond to change, ‘never thought of it’ – encourage to respond to change, ‘we’ve tried this before but..’ – sell the positive concept of change, ‘this isn’t something I want to do’ – because I said so – change is mandatory.

All of these groups need different communication strategies – the communication challenge – what strategies are there:
- rich narratives – every business has a story and often more than one – need to be used as a leadership tool – affect people at an emotional level – walk the talk – people tend to remember a story – choose language carefully – build stories with audience at the front of mind – keep the messages simple – 3-4 key messages – and stay on message - consider media training – create message which embraces resilience

Swinburne University/TAFE has a mission of ‘sustainability’ and adopts this mission into all of their practices

What is VET pedagogy?
- learner centred
- work focused
- attribute inclusive

Narrative is a core competence for management – it’s the ability to connect and stir empathy in people.

Web 2.0 – sharing power and sharing voice – there needs to be more use of web 2.0 in business – need to develop a digital engagement strategy – create a ‘thoughtocracy’ – creating online spaces where people can keep in touch with each others’ activity within the organisation – networked intelligence

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