Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The different dimensions of open content and resources

Structure of the internet is anti-pre-packaging
George Siemens, Socializing Open Learning, Barcelona, 30 November 2009

Whilst listening to Harriet Wakelam, the Australian Flexible Learning Framework's Toolbox Business Manager, talk about the need to re-think how 'content' is presented in Flexible Learning Toolboxes it made me ponder about the different ways 'open content and resources' are readily available on the web, but in different ways:

Open Education Resources

User-created content

Open quality controlled

Open non-quality controlled

MIT OCW (Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware), USA

Open Learn, Open University, UK

Some Creative Commons content/resources



Provide quality assured resources from 'expert' sources

Non pre-packaged resources from the 'masses'

I'm sure there's room for both types of content on the anti-pre-packaging net, as perhaps they serve different purposes/needs?

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