Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's OK to FAIL!!

After reading the NCVER report “Having your say: ‪Views from the sector on enhancing vocational education and training provider capability” I felt a HUGE sense of relief when I read the LAST few words of the following sentence:

“… people (VET Practitioners) also need to take risks, be innovative with their own learning, and prepare to fail

I'm a great believer in taking risks and encouraging risk learning - in fact, that's how I learn best - but this paper has made me realise that we also need to send the message to educators that it's ok to make mistakes and ‘fail’.

As professionals, educators are often expected to be 'perfect'.

How many times have you heard: "You're a teacher, you should know that … "

To become the educator I’ve always dreamt of being, I’ve realized that:

It’s OK to:

Take risks
Make mistakes
Evaluate the mistakes
Share the learning

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