Friday, March 14, 2008

Marie Jasinski - you live on in our hearts and in our minds

Last week a few TAFE SA (and ex-TAFE SA) colleagues ran a beautiful memorial for the wonderful Marie Jasinski.

I only knew Marie for a very short period of time, when in mid-2006 I started a 6 month stint in the Innovations in Teaching and Learning Department of TAFE Adelaide North, where Marie was also based.

However, in that time I was truly inspired by:
- her brillance,
- her bright, bubbly personality,
- her creative and innovative ideas, and
- her warm embrace of all things new and different

I was also fortunate enough to attend some of her workshops - on 'Game Based Learning' and 'Understanding Gen Y'. During these workshops she used some wonderful techniques of trick of the eye games, speed dating, and Appreciative Inquiry.
I was truly expecting to be sobbing throughout Marie's Memorial - I am a very emotional person. However, I didn't sob once - I was actually enlightened by the stories Marie's colleague told of how Marie had 'touched and inspired' them, and actually left the Memorial feeling GREAT.

It was a similar feeling to when I was actually with Marie.
I left thinking: 'How can I inspire others to reach their true potential?'
This is a very interesting challenge for me.
Does inspiring others just come natural to some folk?
Can inspiring others be 'managed' or 'facilitated'?
Where do you learn the skills to inspire others?
In an educational institute or part of our community learning?
Am I already inspiring others, but in my own way?
And if I am, how can I measure this?

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pete said...

she was incredible.