Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rambling Questions and Thoughts too big for Twitter....

The beauty of human intelligence is that there will always be more questions than answers...

1. Why do teachers/lecturers/trainers automatically think that just because they've set their students a 'task' that the students will 'want' or be excited to produce their best work?

2. What role do our Local Communities (family, local groups, church etc) have in developing an 'educated' society? Or is it just the role of an educational institute (school, college, university)?

3. When new technologies like social networking sites, web 2.0, mp3s, Nintendo DS, mobile phones/PDAs etc become ubiquitous - will this mean it won't consider 'time wasting' to use them?

4. Why do people think that news produced by the 'Nightly News' television stations and mainstream newspapers holds more 'credence' than information shared via social networking and web 2.0 sites?? At least the Russians know they were being fed propagada during the Cold War!!

Learning requires a lot of time, good problem solving skills and good support - welcome Twitter - you're like no other.... here is an example

Even though I didn't produce this posting using cursive writing I did still enjoy creating it...

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