Monday, January 7, 2008

You never know who's watching you on the Net...

Yesterday - for the first time ever - Nancy White responded to one of my Twitter posts (see Twitter Connects Once Again below). I was so excited I actually 'framed' the communications.

Today - Jimmy Wales (founder of Wikipedia) appeared in my "Twitter Timeline":

I was so amazed to see his posting that I shared it on Twitter:

Meanwhile, I'm happily surfing and find a "Jimmy Wales" Facebook friend request in my email inbox. I'm such a Facebook friend searcher, I thought it was Jimbo finally getting around to a 'friend request' I would've sent him at some point. I didn't even open the request - I deleted it, thinking there was no need to 'action' anything. If Jimbo's just confirming my request - his gorgeous moosh would automatically be sitting in my FB friends list. My Twitter comment:

However, unbeknown to me, Jimbo has seen my original Twitter posting, promoting the "1st Public Preview of Wikia Search Engine", and then he has actively gone out and FaceBook Friend Requested me!! - stating something along the lines of 'Saw your Twitter posting...'.

So it wasn't the other way around .... When I refreshed Facebook a little later in the day, I was so excited to not just see a new 'Friend Request', which I hadn't seen in ages, I was in shock that it was from Jimmy 'Wikipedia' Wales .. I quickly clicked 'confirm' - before I even thought about 'framing' this bit of social networking excitement with a 'screenshot'.

These two are amongst some of the biggest icons in the Web 2.0 arena... And I've connected with them both.... within 24 hours - Wow the power of social networking is infinite...


Nancy White said...

Allison, you are cracking me up. But sistah, I'm not an icon. You must have had an overdose of chocolate. Now Jimmy Whales, yup, he's an icon! LOL.

What is magic to me is that we can connect with people in both ordinary and extraordinary new ways, we can learn with and from each other with a few clicks.

I have to say, your sense of humor makes that connection easier for me. In all the flow of bits and bytes, I'm finding a warm sense of humor catches my eye. Especially in the short bursts of Twitter.

Howard said...

well allison, i love watching how you keep hitting the online jackpot - your open curious persistence paying off.

kolson29 said...

Allison -

Great conquests! I'm not quite in your league, but I've been amazed at the connections I've made in my short time in the edtech/Web2.0 community. I've connected with a professor who's does research on my teaching area, I've been contacted about a new professional endeavor, and I've made countless new friends and contacts (including you!) Thanks for the great post, I like the writing style.