Saturday, November 17, 2007

e-Portfolios – Clint Smith - e-Works - Elluminate Learnscope SA Final State Workshop 16/1107

What makes an e-portfolio:
- what digital ‘assets’ do you have?
- Where do you store it
- How can you share this info?

Uses of an e-portfolio
As a personal digital diary
As a lifelong Learning organizer
As a record of events or journeys

Using eportfolios for work life
As a creative portfolio
As a project manager

As an individual course diary
As a class project organizer
As an academic record

In education
As a student desktop eg QUT Student e-Portfolio

For staff
When staff start using an e-portfolio they’ll see the significance for student use.

Customised Open Source CMS - Plone, moodle, joomia
Plug into LMS ie blackboard e-portfolio tool; vista / tafe vc
Off the shelf or hosted e-port

TAFE VC e-portfolio
Can also be a ‘community’ with chats and forums

- users lack experience with CMS/LMS
- needs support
- needs a policy framework
- needs storage (=costs)
- needs standards

Swinbourne skills passport – use Blackboard e-Portfolio plug-in

There are various terms for e-portfolio

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