Friday, November 2, 2007

My Thoughts during and since mLearn 2007

RPL Process
We need to be modeling the job selection process – where a certificate = job description. Broken into categories; mapping the competencies into 4 main areas as per Brian Spencer, RPL Well done, Reframing the Future 2006.

Client writes CV and letter of support with referees to substantiate/address criteria

Evaluators develop appropriate interview questions to substantiate evidence and draw out unpresented data

Owen Neil – e-Standards
– Clint Smith is a good e-Portfolio presenter
- Wendy Perry – is doing RPL survey/research for the Framework
- Skills Stores in Vic & QLD

Knowledge Brokering
- how do we facilitate this?
- reflective practice – why we need personal/professional development; receiving feedback, how do we motivate staff to act on observations/ideas
- peer support
- learning by doing (Action Learning)

Using SMS texting to mentor staff and RPL clients

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