Thursday, November 29, 2007

This kid is dangerous or just functioning in the 21st Century?

I'm inspired to use info from Will Richardson's This kid is dangerous... blog post to wide up my R&I presentation next week to ensure young people are not overlooked in the next iteration of the Australian Flexible Learning Framework.

One of the highlights from this year's Inclusive e-Learning (Youth) Project is that:

If Oz had cheap 3G mobile and fast broadband, like South Korea and Japan, perhaps our disadvantaged/disengaged youth would be the same as Insoo - but precious mobile credit and boring dial up connection doesn't allow our youth to want to connect their learning to the net.

Let's hope the new Rudd Govt will quickly implement their plans for computers for all and high speed broadband - so our 21st Century kids will be able to compete in Asia.

This is the draft of my concluding comments and 'issue for discussion' for my R&I presentation:

These projects have highlighted that we still have a long way to go in supporting disadvantaged and disengaged youth:

- in developing the digital literacy skills to function in the online environment
- in gaining access to cheap mobile phone communications and fast broadband connections, as well as,
- directing them in ‘learning how to learn’.

It is important that in the new Innovations Grants funding guidelines for 2008 that this target group is not overlooked if our young people are going to be competitive in the Global and Asian ‘knowledge’ markets. These points are also very relevant in ensuring that we provide the same training and support for the teachers/facilitator/lecturers of our young people.

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