Monday, November 26, 2007

Great e-Tools PD idea for staff meetings

Whilst chatting with Marlene Manto about the great new workshop she is creating - about helping trainers 'keep up' with what's happening in the area of 'e-learning', she mentioned how doing a Web 2.0 avalanche would be a great PD session during Staff Meetings.

Every staff member is given (or finds) a Web 2.0 website - and they have 5 mins at their staff meeting to tell others about it and how it possibly could be used in a training sense. This could be done one a meeting or perhaps have a dedicated 'Web 2.0 Avalanche' PD Workshop.

TAFE SA Bus Services (TTG Campus) have 1 PD meeting a month - I might suggest I could run this for them next year.

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