Friday, November 2, 2007

Random thoughts about Staff PD

- Researching what PD people want or ‘where they want to go’ with their career path
- how do we access the Perf Mgt info of staff to address the training needs of staff
- we need to do a skills needs analysis process on our staff
- provide training for EMs in effective Perf Mget – to draw out the types of training their staff require ie like the RPL process
- what are some of the ways teams/individuals can register their PD interest (beyond a whole of TAN email request)
- how can Teaching & Learning help a team do a skills needs analysis of their staff
- what are the top 3 things do you want from your learning, your PD, your training?
- should Teaching & Learning offer training in personal development?
- what % of TAN staff access PD offered by Teaching and Learning – and why?
- how do you develop a learning culture within a large organisation?
- what makes informal learning so effective – attractive: - betterment? Self satisfaction? Advancement? – confidence building?
- provide a clear overview of what the PD will offer (ie aims/objectives/learning outcomes) – provide reading materials before a session and/or an activity
- compulsory ICT training or recognition for all staff
- developing, or adapting an existing, Staff Capability Building Framework
- developing, or adapting an existing, self assessing PD toolkits
- ‘what’s in it for me?’ - what's in it for staff to be upskilled in the area of e-learning?
- program/systems of personal reflective practice (blogs)?
- what is personal reflective practice, and how can it aid: workforce development? PD? Client services? Systems?
- Sustaining educative conversations?
- How do we increase the confidence of our staff to use/understand ICT?
- How do we embed e-learning at a systematic level?
- How do internships for educators work?

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