Friday, November 2, 2007

The ICT Imperative

Greg Black, CEO, - says the VET sector needs to provide '... self paced personalised and highly stimulated learning environments supported by instantaneous feedback. ICT is an enable for such an environment'

"Greg Black suggests that VET administrators preparing practitioners for the future could use strategies such as the following:

- Give practitioners the time and tools to engage in collaborative discussions and investigations witth colleagues about teaching practice.
- Encourage practitioners to share ideas and try new approaches to support a learner centred approach to learning.
- Invest in mentoring programs for practitioners to improve teaching techniques in classrooms and workplaces
- Create incentives for teachers to develop self-paced, personalised learning environments that are highly stimulating
- provide multiple opportunities for practitioners to connect with industry and workplaces

From John Mitchell's (JMA Consulting)Inside VET column in Campus Review 161007

I need to 'research' - Why do the pioneers in e-learning do what they do? What's in it for them?

A good starting point - the Innovate & Integrate Website - it has case studies on innovative e-pioneers, including Michael Coghlan's description of:

"Characteristics of innovators":
- tend to change things anyway - don't like resting
- don't do the same thing all the time
- like to experiment
- work a lot of time after hours
- enjoy what they do
- distinction btwn work & pleasure is blurred
- being 'apart' - outside of the mainstream
- can see the longer term goals
- basic interest in change

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