Thursday, February 7, 2008

Basic, Intermediate or Advanced e-Learning PD

For most of this decade the Australian Flexible Learning Framework (Framework) has been providing funding to the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector in the area of e-learning. One of the largest funding opportunities has been around building staff's e-learning capability and was called 'Learnscope'.

Learnscope has provided a lot of opportunity for 'entry level' e-learning professional development, and has been the seed money and sandpit for a number of very innovative and cutting edge e-learning ideas, through a variety of workbased learning projects and workshops.

However, as part of the new iteration of the 2008-2011 Framework the new emphasis is now on the embedding of e-learning into the training environment, and will be providing funding to projects which present a sound 'business case' around a real business imperative.

A colleague, however, sent the following email today to our small group of SA Framework unit staff:
"I was going through some of last year's links, and I came across the wiki which I directed people to write what they would like to see from the Framework in 2008. An interesting read as it shows that so many still want really basic help and PD, however they may all get left behind as the Framework evolves. The Framework does need to move on...but.... [look of uneasiness]"
Some interesting food for thought here.

However, perhaps this evolution of the Framework may actually 'force' Registered Training Organisation's to use a more 'embedded' type approach to e-learning, and encourage them to take some 'responsibility' for upskilling their staff who are new to e-learning, as they themselves will become more confidence in this area.

Has the VET Sector been the 'golden child' amongst its sister educational institutions, ie Schools, Community Centres and Universities, who have not received this kind of external funding or support?

How have these sister educational institutions been funding the upskilling of their staff in the area of e-learning?

Shouldn't e-learning already be on the agenda for all educational institutions if they are to provide 21st century training/education to their clients?

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