Sunday, February 3, 2008

Trying to figure out thatsmymouse

Last night whilst reading blogs in GReader I came across the recently released thatsmymouse, which enables you to "share your mouse position with other visitors on the same webpage.". (Apologies for not giving the blogger credit who alerted me to this tool - but sorry I can't remember whose blog I read it on - but thanks anyway)

I wasn't sure what this way - so I thought I would ask Twitterdom:

Then this evening, whilst catching up on HeyJude's blog postings I was reminded of this site again, and figured I should try to work out what it is all about.

Adding thatsmymouse to this blog - well I copied the html code into my last blog posting's Html and viewed my blog.

Since then I've been able to add a comment, by simply starting to type anywhere on the screen ...

which attaches itself to my mouse - and then follows my mouse around the screen.

It appears I need to move my mouse around to keep this function alive.

So what's its greater purpose? I'm not quite sure right now - I suppose if someone else was reading the same page, you could have a 'voice box' text/IM chat. That would be interesting to see. I'll try testing it with @kerryank - who added it to her blog last night and will let you know.

I'm now wondering if YOU can also just start to type on this screen - go on try typing something - does a 'thatsmymouse' voice box appear and follow your mouse around the screen? Or do you have to 'register' at thatsmymouse first?

Posted 'findings' in the comments would be greatly appreciated :)

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Judy O'Connell said...

Mostly it's good for quick collaboration...comments don't stay on the screen for long. Use it for global sharing and brainstorming perhaps?