Monday, February 25, 2008

Using ePFs to support the RPL process

Below is an extract from a recent email communication to demonstrate my support of raising the aware of the use of ePFs in supporting the RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning or Skills Recognition) process in the VET (Vocational Education and Training) Sector in South Australia.

I, personally, am very keen to raise people's awareness of the use of e-Portfolios (ePFs).

ePFs can perform a number of key functions, including pro-actively supporting the RPL process, whereby an individual can use an electronic tool to gather evidence and information, which could be 3rd party verified, about their formal and informal learning and workplace experiences. With the flexibility of readily and selectively 'releasing' this evidence and information from their ePF to an RPL Assessor, the RPL Assessment process could be streamlined.

Used effectively, an ePF could contain detailed information about formal qualifications or job descriptions, rather than simply listing units of study or places of employment.

An ePF tool, packaged in the right way, would readily allow an individual to carry with them the evidence they need to more easily move between places of employment, training organisations, licensing bodies or different geographical locations.

As ePFs serve a number of purposes, including personal / professional development, career planning, increased self worth and as an assessment tool, the upskilling of the VET sector in the use of ePFs would have a multi-faceted function within the formal training environment as well as providing a means of allowing the individual to 'promote' themselves to potential employers or in satisfying licensing requirements.

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Sarah Stewart said...

As you know, I'm putting my ePortfolio together at the moment. Planning to go back over all your old posts about ePotfolios to learn more. cheers Sarah