Friday, February 15, 2008

Social Justice for All!

As I sat in a Lecture Theatre at Flinders University at 10.24 am South Australian time, Sarah ‘Intellagirl’ posted the following tweets:

I repeated this tweet for peeps in my own network, and then I tweeted:

I asked this question, as this is what the Australian Government did after the Pt Arthur shooting in 1996.

However, this question drew out the following tweetery conversation between myself and Frank in Mexico:

Frank: those that really want them will always be able to get them I guess. It is the underlying society turmoil that needs addressing

Me: great point @MetaWeb20 could this year's Presidential election allow some leverage to deal with some of the social issues in US?

Frank: we need to work on eliminating institutionalized hate/discrimination from schools, religions, families, politics, business, etc. I like this from Martin Niemöller as a reference point Meaning we all need to work together as we all have differences that someone hates. If we allow one group to be a target, we are all targets

Me: beautiful poem. How do we build our communities so people look out for each other?

Frank: Well, I think plain everyday people need to join together to save ourselves, not really politicians. Answer: Education

Me: I totally agree with you here - investment in education = reduction in justice/health issues. Creating community learning experiences are so important - SN communities are great conduits for this

So from this tweetery conversation I came to the conclusion that we need to create more community learning experiences which model what is happening the Educational (Social) Networking Community …..

- who share and are open to new ideas
- who trust and respect

-who teach, mentor and learn
- who laugh and express their feelings

- who build networks with strangers, and

- who readily accept differences

These are the attributes which help build communities where there’s a ‘Social Justice for all’ and we all speak up and care about each other.

My thoughts are with the families who lost their love ones in the NIU shooting today (14/02/08 in the US), and to those who experienced this ordeal and will have to live with this tragedy for the rest of their lives.

Let the COMMUNITY look out for you all.

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