Saturday, February 16, 2008

Using the ePF concept to develop the individual

An e-Portfolio (ePF) tool can be a static collection of documents, evidencing the 'achievements' of an individual.

However, using the ePF concept can be a much more 'rich' experience, and offers a process whereby individuals can tap into their true potential.

Using the ePF concept to develop the Individual (Miller, 2008)

Consider this scenario:
If an individual is able to value their own 'self worth', they will then be able to develop the skills of 'self promotion'. The ability to 'self promote' naturally builds 'confidence', as an individual can articulate what they can do. This increased 'confidence' allows an individual to take on more 'challenges', and by being open to more 'challenges' the individual is more likely to be exposed to more 'choices'.

Using the ePF concept to develop the Individual
ePFs allow individuals "to draw together all of their rich learning experiences (ie work, community, spiritually, individually), not just those experienced in an educational institution." (Sutherland, 2008).

Teachers, Lecturers, Career and Student Counsellors can use an ePF tool to work with their students to successfully recognise and draw together the evidences of each individual's 'rich learning experiences'. And through this process, develop the individual's self worth.

By having an individual's life experiences (ie evidence) in a logically and systematic way (as in an ePF), then an individual is better equipt to self promote. Armed with this package of themselves, an individual will feel more confident to take on the many challenges involved in making career, work, education and life choices.

The effective use of the ePF concept and tool will progressively increase the successful development of the individual.

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