Thursday, February 14, 2008

PebblePad e-Portfolio (ePF) Presentation and Workshop

PebblePad ePF Presentation and Workshop
Shane Sutherland, Pebble Learning, UK

Presentation and Workshop at Flinders University,
organised by Prof Harry Owen and Sue Skinner, Flinders University, South Australia

PebblePad is a very simple to use ePF proprietary software system.

An e-Portfolio is a purposeful aggregation of digital items – ideas, evidence, reflections, feedback, data etc – which ‘present’ a selected audience with information about the subject of that eportfolio

Features of an ePortfolio
Articulation… many other purposes

ePFs are ‘Just a presentation’

ePF issues and solutions:
- Many users are still terrified of technology – ePF needs to my easy on eye and easy on the mind
- Need Support in writing
- learning takes place outside the institution
- different audiences need different ePF
- people will only use an ePF when they’re made to

ePF allow students to draw together all of their rich learning experiences (ie work, community, spiritually, individually), not just those experienced in an educational institution.

PebblePad has mobile phone and PDA versions

PebblePad will soon be releasing a ‘text to voice’ tool which can be ‘switched’ for sight impaired students

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